Climate policies in Tunisia

Our third topic will be "Climate Policy in Tunisia" 🤝🌍
We invite you to join a direct discussion in the framework of #Localclimateactionproject with actors and observers to make decisions about the position of climate policies within Tunisian public policies, with each of:
- Yassin Ayari, a deputy in the Assembly of the Representatives of the People for the Amal and Amal Movement
- Hammadi Gharbi, Director of the Climate and Energy Project at the World Wide Fund for Nature, North Africa office in Tunis

Environmental legislation


A short video about the environmental legislative structure in Tunisia, with a focus on the challenges it faces.

Scenario and voice: Emna Fourati & Wafa Hmadi

Design; Arbi Ghanmi

Text and video revision: Heinrich Boll Foundation

Climate Negotiations


A short video, on the climate negotiations challenges, with a focus on the important climate events at the international and national levels.

Scenario and voice: Wafa Hmadi & Emna Fourati

Design: Arbi Ghanmi

The official Tunisian negotiating delegation

A short video about the role of the Tunisian negotiating team in the various sessions of the Conference of the Parties, highlighting the challenges that face the Tunisian delegation members.

Scenario and voice: Wafa Hmadi & Emna Fourati

Design: Arbi Ghanmi


NDC: National determined Contributions

A short video, on a general presentation of nationally determined contributions, with a focus on the Tunisian NDC by presenting its content and how to work on raising the contributions.

Scenario and voice:  Wafa Hmadi & Emna Fourati

Design; Arbi Ghanmi

Training webinar : Climate activism

Training webinar : Individual Climate Action

In celebration of the world environment day 🌍

We invite you to join this #Localclimateactionproject first live chat with climate activists who will share their individual initiatives in different environmental areas:

🌍Oumaima Bouzaine - climate activist Tunisia – Supporter to Youth for climate Tunisia strikes

🌍Nouhad Awwad – Climate activist Lebanon - Project Campaigner at Greenpeace MENA

Each activist will share best practices and recommendations for how you can have a good impact through your daily actions and initiatives to be more aware of your environmental footprint! 👌