Local Climate Action is a program that aims to involve cities in climate action with the aim of contributing to national efforts to combat the climate change effects through a structured dialogue with the various actors at the local level, regional level and at the national level.

This platform aims to involve municipalities in the climate action, to create coordination between national and local efforts and to support municipalities in order to contribute to national efforts to achieve climate agendas objectives.

It is a tool for local actors especially municipalities to be able to monitor, to report and to verify the impact of mitigation and adaptation actions and the mobilized finance used to support these actions.

This platform contains four other sections :

Local Actors

This section presents the various /different local actors in four cities and the different project developed in relation with climate change and sustainable development (the different contribution in climate action at the local level)

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Climate Engagement

This section presents the climate engagement at the international, the national, the regional and the local level

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This section contains all publications related to climate change and sustainable development

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Green Blogger

It is a space dedicated to the Internet users to redact an article with topics related to climate change and sustainable development

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